The King of Sandworms is a Class 8 demon who resides in the Neitherworld, home of Beetlejuice. He was chosen by Ivo Shandor to guard one of the Mandala nodes. The Ghostbusters found him after befriending Beetlejuice on their quest. The King of Sandworms attempted to eat Beetlejuice, but the Ghostbusters fired their proton streams at him and captured him in a ghost trap before he was able to even get a nibble of the Ghost with the Most. He was put into the Containment Unit, but later got out when the Extreme Ghostbusters met Beetlejuice. He was again captured and was restored to the Containment Grid.


The King of Sandworms controls Sandworms, as his name would imply. He is also a shape-changer because he often manifests in the form of a humanoid Sandworm with arms and legs wearing a purple cloak and a jester hat, but will transform into a giant menacing Sandworm if necessary.