Egon was working on a PKE Meter, when he saw a reading so high he scarcely believed his eyes. He later recieved three calls that said that someone was turned into a grotesque creature. The Ghostbusters suited up and saw three creatures terrorizing the street. Peter tried to blast them until Egon pointed out that they were the three people turned into monsters. They later learned that a ghost named Surt and his doglike minion Fenris were the ones who changed their victims and that they changed their victims into monsters because it was neccessary to cause the Apocalypse. Surt was trapped, but his minion Fenris escaped. Nevertheless, everyone returned to normal. After that, there was no sign of PKE anywhere. Mayor Mulligan tried to vouch for the Ghostbusters, but died of a heart attack. A man named McShane became the new mayor and deemed the Ghostbusters to be frauds. Having no choice, the Ghostbusters were shut down. Peter, Ray, Winston, and Louis all went their separate ways. Janine, Egon and Slimer stayed at the Firehouse to monitor the Containment Unit, which had Soul Man inside as a guard to make sure none of the ghosts tried to escape. A television ad aired claiming the Ghostbusters to be frauds. Four kids named Roland, Eduardo, Kylie, and Garrett saw the TV ad and knew it was a lie, unaware that they would become new Ghostbusters in the next six years.

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