Winston Zeddemore was on vacation one day when there was suddenly a big wave of PKE. Egon, Peter, and Ray then answered a call at an odd building that appeared to be frozen. Slimer couldn't come because he suffered a bout of ecto-influenza. Inside the building, there was an ice witch. "Her PKE readings are too low to be the source" said Egon. The Ghostbusters then blasted the ice witch and trapped her. Along the way they found an ice golem. "He's an ectoplasmic entity in a corporeal shell, so we have to destroy his corporeal form before we can capture his ethereal form" pointed out Ray. Peter and Egon followed Ray's instructions and the ice golem's essence was trapped. At the top of the building, the Ghostbusters met a powerful Snowman Ghost. He was destroyed and the Ghostbusters found a tablet left behind. They returned to the firehouse, where they put the ice golem and the ice witch in the Containment Unit and studied the tablet. "The PKE readings say that their are more in these locations. I say we go to this mansion, this wooden house, and this skyscraper" said Egon. At the mansion, the Ghostbusters trapped the ghost of a wicked magician and destroyed a Porcupine-like demon. At the wooden house, they trapped two flame ghosts and destroyed a fire demon. At the skyscraper, they captured a bat-like ghost with one eye and a giant worm-like ghost made of eyeballs. They then saw the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. "That can't be him" said Venkman. "The Real Stay Puft is still in the Containment Unit". "And he certaintly wouldn't want to destroy us" added Ray. "That is because I am the ghost of Rodney McGarn, the founder of Stay Puft Marshmallows" bellowed the familiar spook. Peter blasted him and he was destroyed. After dumping the ghosts in Containment, Ray and Peter were possessed and Egon had to save the day. He went to the castle and captured the ghosts possessing his comrades. The reunited Ghostbusters then captured a giant caterpillar ghost and a ghost that resembled the Grim Reaper. They then destroyed a plant ghost and found the last of the tablets. After putting them together, our heroes accidentally opened a portal that brought the goddess Janna into the world. Janna revived the snowman ghost, the spine demon, the fire demon, and the plant ghost. They weren't very strong, so the Ghostbusters were able to trap them. They then confronted Janna and destroyed her. They found a gem and connected it to the tablets, sealing the portal and saving New York.


The script is based on Ghostbusters Sega video game.

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