SonofSamhain is a regular editor on this wiki. The following are some fan-made stories about Ghostbusters that he has made. His stories try to follow all rules of canon.

Movie Timeline CanonEdit

This deals with stuff that happened before the Ghostbusters even existed or during the events of the first film.

An ancestor of Ray Stantz imprisons a demon in 19th-century England, hoping that he is imprisoned forever.

The first time Soul Man meets the Ghostbusters.

RGB Timeline CanonEdit

This deals with events that occured after the Seventh Season of The Real Ghostbusters, but before the events of Extreme Ghostbusters.

The Ghostbusters have to find a way to stop Janna without Winston(An adaptation of the game for the Sega Genesis).

This is an adaptation of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

Ray accidentally frees Verox when he reads a scroll belonging to his great-grandfather.

The Ghostbusters appear to have busted every ghost and goblin in New York.

Today and BeyondEdit

This deals with events after the events of Extreme Ghostbusters.

The Boogieman returns once more.

Samhain has one more shot with the Ghostbusters.

Egon and Janine start remembering having children and learn that a ghost named Paradox had altered history.

An adaptation of the EGB game for the Game Boy Advance.

An adaptation of the PlayStation game.

An ancient deity is freed from its sarcophagus.

An Interdimensional Team crossover.

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