Ghostbusters Fan Scripts are not cannon in the Ghostbusters Universe. That being said, if they follow the cannon(s) and stick to the design of the Universe, they can become quite popular in they own right. Your own Scripts may be posted here as well after reading the Personal User Submissions Page.

Fan ScriptsEdit

Ghostbusters:Forever by Fritz BaughEdit

Ghostbusters:Forever is based off of Ghostbusters Animated Timeline Canon and is written by Fritz Baugh.

SonofSamhain's canon ideasEdit

SonofSamhain's Ghostbusters is a list of fan stories made by Wiki user SonofSamhain.

Magma-Man's Ghostbusters FanonEdit

Magma-Man's Ghostbusters Fanon are basically his own ideas of sequels to the Ghostbusters movies and video game.

Devilmanozzy's The Real Ghostbusters (More Stories)Edit

Devilmanozzy's The Real Ghostbusters (More Stories) are ideas for a small series of simple Flash 2d cartoons.

Zh'xonRomulus's Ghostbusters: Raising HellEdit

Ghostbusters: Raising Hell is a concept for a expanding the Ghostbusters Franchise after the events in Ghostbusters: The Video Game in 1991.

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