Persanal User Submissions Warnings, and Rules. Please read this full article before making any works on this wiki.


  • All content submitted to Wikia becomes Wikia's by default and that means wikia always has them. (Even if the article gets deleted, wikia has the histories of even deleted articles) So bare that in mind before posting.
  • All content in wiki is editable which means the articles are all able to be changed. Note this also.


  • Only users signed in may submit new articles in these sections.
  • This wiki's current mod User:Devilmanozzy wants the articles at a nice PG-13 or safer. That means keep sexual content, profanity, and gore down. If found offensive, Devilmanozzy will contact the users talk page and address content issues.
  • No one but the submitter and mod may edit the content of the article.
  • No Plagiarism. If found out, the article will be deleted and the user will be blocked from the wiki. Plagiarism may be content from Ghostbuster content or another fan fiction. To avoid such things, if you are basing your fan fiction on other works, please list references in regard to the article on the page.

User Rights and AbilitiesEdit

  • Any user (even ones not signed in), can leave feedback to a article on the Talk/Discussion page for that article.
  • Users (and non-users) have the right to ask for content to be removed they find offensive based on sexual content, profanity, and gore. Please address such issues by posting the articles name and issues on Devilmanozzy talk page.


  • As this is wiki, it is not the greatest place to post personal stories and fiction. Two places that are better suited for personal content:
  • When writing, keep in mind who is going to read the content.
  • The more descriptive, the better.
  • Remember, it's ok to save your work, then edit and add more. There is no hurrying good writing.