Mike Philips

College Student, Techie of the New Ghostbusters

Appeared in Ghostbusters: The New Breed
Played by N/A

Mike Philips is a character in Ghostbusters: The New Breed. He is the tech expert of the new team.


Mike is average in height with a lean build and pale skin. He has black spiky hair and brown eyes. When not in his ghostbusters uniform, he wears a white T-Shirt under a black blaser, blue jeans and black converse. When in his ghostbusters uniform, he wears an army green jumpsuit with black trim.


Mike is a tech wizard, being able to make several modifications to the original Ghostbusters equipment and inventing several new tools for the team. He isn't very social.

Mike has a very logical mind and only trusts things based on facts.

Like most of the team, Mike takes his role as a Ghostbuster very seriously. He agreed to stay a Ghostbuster because of the intellectual opportunities.


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John NelsonEdit

John and Mike get along quite well, although, a lot of the time, John can't understand Mike's techno babble.

Christian MorganEdit

Christian and Mike are close friends and get along really well, but sometimes, Christian can't make sense of Mike's tech talk.

Oscar StuartEdit

Mike and Oscar are best friends, due to their similar interests in technology and engineering.

Paige DunbarEdit

While Mike and Paige get along quite well, Mike is sometimes scared of Paige

Katie HowardEdit

Mike and Katie don't interact much, but they are shown to be friends.

Emily SpenglerEdit

Mike and Emily are shown to be friends.

Alex SpenglerEdit

Mike and Alex share a typical student-teacher relationship.


Like most of the team, Mike gets along well with Slimer, but is sometimes annoyed that Slimer keeps taking Mike's lunch.


  • Mike's favourite ghost hunting weapon is the Ecto-Skeleton.
  • Mike has a fear of rats.
  • Mike is considered the smartest of the new team.