Katie Howard

College Student, Strategist of the New Ghostbusters

Appeared in Ghostbusters: The New Breed
Played by N/A

Katie Howard is a character in Ghostbusters: The New Breed. She is the strategist of the new team.


Katie is slightly below average in height and has a curvy figure. She has long blonde hair that reaches halfway down her back and has blue eyes. When not in her ghostbusters uniform, Katie dresses in a blue flannel shirt, blue jeans and cowgirl boots. When in her ghostbusters uniform, she dresses in a blue jumpsuit with a white trim.


Katie is a friendly girl. She is a bit of a motivator and tries to get others to join in with activities that she or one of her friends suggests. Katie has been shown to be a bit of an air-head. Katie can get quite emotional on occasion, especially when it comes to personal issues and can come across as tempermental. She is a bit of an athlete, being an expert in 6 different sports. Katie's greatest strength is her strategizing, which she gets from the sports she does.

Like most of the team, Katie takes her role as a Ghostbuster quite seriously. She stayed a Ghostbuster because it was a great experience.


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Oscar StuartEdit

Oscar and Katie have clear romantic interest in eachother.

Emily SpenglerEdit

Emily and Katie are shown to be best friends.

Paige DunbarEdit

Kaite and Paige get along really well.

John NelsonEdit

John and Katie are shown to be friends, although, Katie is normally repulsed by John's womanizing personality.

Christian MorganEdit

Christian and Katie are shown to be friends.

Mike PhilipsEdit

Mike and Katie don't interact much, but they are shown to be friends.

Alex SpenglerEdit

Katie and Alex share a normal student-teacher relationship.


Like most of the team, Katie gets along with Slimer.


  • Katie's Favourite Ghost Hunting weapon is the Ecto Saber
  • Katie has a fear of Cockroaches.