John Nelson

College Student, Leader of the New Ghostbusters

Appeared in Ghostbusters: The New Breed
Played by N/A

John Nelson is a character in Ghostbusters: The New Breed. He is the leader of the new team.

Physical AppearanceEdit

John is average in height and has a thin build. He has short and wavy dark brown hair with light blue eyes. When not in his ghostbusters uniform, he wears a red T-Shirt under a denim jacket with blue jeans and black sneakers. When in his ghostbusters uniform, he wears a grey coloured jumpsuit with silver silver trim.


John is a big time womanizer and flirts with nearly every girl he sees, however, he doesn't flirt with characters like Paige Dunbar, Katie Howard or Emily Spengler, because he refuses to flirt with friends.

John is kind-hearted and good-natured. He shows care towards his friends and worry when they get hurt.

Like most of the team, John takes his role as a Ghostbuster seriously and is shown to enjoy the job a lot, he doesn't care about making any money from being a Ghostbuster, but rather does it because it's fun.


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Paige DunbarEdit

John and Paige are close friends on the team. It has been shown that Paige has a crush on John, but it is unknown if he returns the feelings.

Christian MorganEdit

John and Christian are best friends on the team. While they argue quite a bit, they are still best friends.

Mike PhilipsEdit

John and Mike get along quite well, although, a lot of the time, John can't understand Mike's techno babble.

Oscar StuartEdit

John and Oscar are shown to get along quite well.

Katie HowardEdit

John and Katie are shown to be friends, although, Katie is normally repulsed by John's womanizing personality.

Emily SpenglerEdit

John and Katie tease eachother in an almost sibling-like manner, they are definitely close friends.

Alex SpenglerEdit

Alex and John share a typical teacher-student relationship. While they get along, it is unknown if they consider eachother friends.


John and Slimer are shown to be friends.


  • John's favourite ghost hunting weapon is the Ecto-Rifle.
  • John has a fear of failure.