Giovanni Ardesso
"The Revival of Clthorius must remain uninterrupted, the people will worship our god or be crushed by his awesome might!"

-Giovanni Ardessio

Giovanni Ferdinand Ardessio was an Italian man who came to North Dakota in the middle of the land sale of the 1845. Interested by the isolated feeling the vast prairie gave him, he began to build a town known as New Caias Villa (Which, as Anthony Starkhaven states, means Town of New Beginnings in Latin) soon he discoered gold and praised the god of Clthorius (An Ancient Babylonian God) and the town booms. As life continues in the town, the Occult of the Clthorians expands it's grips into the new neighboring villages and soon it becomes a popular religion. But in 1889, at the ripe old age of 89, he was hung by US Soldiers along with everyone in the town who was of the cult and the survivors vanished. The town soon became a ghost town and was sunk beneath Lake Sakakawea.


"They can not stop me by the simple means of death, no, I have become to powerful for that now!"

-Giovanni Ardessio