Ghostbusters of LA is a short fan film made by Dave School. The film looks to be based off the first Ghostbusters film.


The setting of the story is Finnegan's Bar, Hollywood CA on March 7th at 8:05 pm. A Pink Evil Ghost with Devil Horns starts spooking the bar and slimes a few people and shocks the whole bar. Tony and Mike run in and asked if anyone has seen anything unusual and one of the slimed points and then the rest of the crowd with him. Tony talks about laying down a standard alpha containment pattern which Mike was like is that in the manual. The Ghost shows up and Tony grabs him with the Proton Gun, and as he's trying to hold him, Cindy and Chuck run in and Chuck gets the Ghosts other arm with his Proton Gun. Tony asked Cindy if shes getting anything on the Ghost, and Cindy was getting that its Evil. Tony instructs Mike to throw the Trap and he does and opens it. Tony lets go and tells Chuck its all his and he pulls it into the trap. The group then leaves and everyone is happy. They leave in they Ecto-Hummer.


  • Tony Webster (played by Chris Dozier)- The heavy set scientist of the group. Also he seems to be the leader.
  • Mike Redondo (played by Aaron Witlin)- The guy with the shades. Seems to be the official Trap guy.
  • Cindy Wong (played by Jane Park)- The Psychic of the group. She also seems like a more practical type.
  • Chuck Tanner (played by Steve O'Donnell)- The backup of the group. When it looks bad call Chuck!

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