Plot: 5 years after Ghostbusters 2,at a dock downtown Manhattan, the Coast Guard spots a large monster come out of the ocean and smash a boat,they then call Ghostbusters who arrive and notice a Class 8 possessor

they then borrow a patrol boat,but then the monster comes up and splashes a wave toware the boat which flings back and crashes they get out and run while fireing at the incoming beast,and escape in the new ECHO-700 an armored van the monster blasts fire at the van,the ghostbusters then get out and flee.

SWAT appear and fire at the beast but are crushed by debris,news gets to Director of Security who sends the Air Force, Army Rangers and FBI who attack with machine guns,missiles and Gas but are forced to leave the scene.

The ghostbusters return to the firehouse and are greeted by Air Force Operators who escort them to the CIA HQ where Egon and Ray along with Dr. Lowell try to design a robotic machine called ECHO-5488,while Peter Field agent Ross,a captain, Willfield and Winston are sent to bust one of the CIA's own 'guest' a class 9 humanoid, at night while the robot is being made the power goes out and the monster busts in killing Lowell and a guard Egon and Ray escape downstairs.

meanwhile the humanoid reveals itself as an angel and says that it shall command ECHO-5488 to stop Godzilla after a ghost leaves GZ's body,the group heads upstairs and searchs the pipes for slime which they find and stuff in CIA agents weapons they then trick GZ into crashing through a wall,he falls and the GB's fire sllime into GZ's mouth making the ghost flee,they throw down a trap pulling in the ghost, the angel in the ECHO-5488 jumps down punching GZ's neck and grabs his arm and throws him down onto the road crushing a Chopper,godzilla then breathes fire on the machine unscrewing a bolt causing to break and fall on GZ,while Ross and willfield rapple down and set up a machine gun but fill it with tranquilizer darts and fire at GZ having no effect GZ gets up and kicks Willfield into a cliff killing him, Ray then comes out with an RPG which he fires in GZ 's mouth twice pushing him of the building through a steel dam and into the water,GZ then flees.

the angel then thanks the GB's before disappearing into light, Venkman then jokeingly says drinks on me.

Ross then leaves the CIA and joins the GB's.

time: 1 hour,12 minutes,and 43 seconds.