Ghostbusters: The Next Generation is a fan-made series made by Lightblade25. It is based on the Ghostbusters films and takes place twenty years after the events of Ghostbusters 2.


After they saved the world from Prince Vigo and his river of slime, the Ghostbusters continued their work as paranormal investigators until they had captured and contained every ghost that haunted New York. After fifteen years of ghostbusting, the guys decided to go their separate ways. Five years later, Dr. Egon Spengler noticed that an odd supernatural force was growing in the Big Apple. Curious, the old scientist investigated an old graveyard where the force was strongest. By opening a tomb in the graveyard's underground, Dr. Spengler accidentally released a massive army of ghosts into the city. Knowing he could not capture so many ghosts by himself (especially at his age), Spengler put an add in the newspaper, reading "Wanted: Ghostbusters! No Experience Necessary. Must Have Vast Knowledge of the Paranormal. Meet at Abandoned Firehouse for Registration." His add was first answered by sixteen-year-old, Greg Waters, who passed all of Spengler's tests with flying colors. The young man was thus hired as a Ghostbuster and went to work, busting ghosts with Spengler.