Freddy Krueger is the villain of the Nightmare on Elm Street series of horror movies, and also appeared in the fan film Freddy vs Ghostbusters. He was famously played by Robert Englund in the "real" movies, and by Bradley J. Roddy in the fan film.


You're on the wrong side of the tracks, Neil!


Freddy was a child murderer in the town of Springwood, Illinois, killing his victims with his trademark bladed glove. Police found the bodies of the children he'd killed in the boiler room of the power plant where Freddy worked, but the search warrant was illegal and Freddy was set free. Enraged parents burned down the building (with Freddy inside, explaining his appearance), but soon his ghost began stalking the dreams of their children.

In Freddy vs Ghostbusters, Freddy's ghost had somehow possessed the mattress belonging to Neil Anderson (who would soon become a founding member of the Denver Ghostbusters). Freddy attacked Neil in his dreams, but when the Ghostbusters burned the mattress hoping to destroy Freddy, he instead escaped and went on a killing spree. Eventually the Ghostbusters managed to drag Freddy to the real world and trap him.


Freddy's primary power is to enter the dreams of his victims. If he kills them in the dream world, they die in the real one. He has the ability to control the nature of the dream world to a seemingly limitless degree, but if Freddy's victim grabs him and then wakes up, he will be pulled into the real world where he is stripped of most of his power. He has also been shown on several occasions posessing the bodies of a victem before killing them. Lastly he is capible of stealing the souls of those he kills, increasing his powers. He can potentally become powerful enough to blur the lines between the dream world and the real world.

In the fan film, Freddy's very presence in Denver caused numerous other ghosts to appear in/travel to the city, much like Gozer's imminent arrival in the first Ghostbusters movie.


  • A staple of the movies, a sinister jump rope song, was chanted by Freddy in the final battle of the fan film: One two Freddy's coming for you, three four better lock your door, five six get your crucifix, seven eight gonna stay up late, nine ten never sleep again..."
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