Ghostbusters Fan Films are sometimes also known as fanfic and are not cannon in the Ghostbusters Universe. That being said, if they follow the cannon(s) and stick to the design of the Universe, they can become quite popular in their own right.

Fan FilmsEdit

Bustin' Makes Me Feel GoodEdit

Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good is a short clip made by David Sadler, Brandon S. Crisp, Mark E. Argentini, and Rob Cleaton.

Ghostbusters of LAEdit

Ghostbusters of LA is a short 4 minute film made by students of DAVE School.

Freddy vs GhostbustersEdit

Freddy vs Ghostbusters is the first of two films by Braxtanfilms that features the Denver Ghostbusters.

Return of the GhostbustersEdit

Return of the Ghostbusters is the second film about the Denver Ghostbusters.

Pete Venkman: Guy Who Gets Things DoneEdit

Pete Venkman: Guy Who Gets Things Done is a short 8 and a half minute film by Raul also known as MonkeyandApple.