Dr. Anthony Starkhaven
"Paranormal Anomalies are happening at an increased rate everyday. Guess the Reaper has been busy."

-Dr. Anthony Starkhaven

Dr. Anthony Eugene Starkhaven was a University Professor who managed to major in Paranoramal Research and Statistics at Harvard University. He soon managed to land only one job in 1998, The University of North Dakota in Fargo. After months of teaching, the University cut his budget and he was thrown out and called a fraud by many newspapers in the town. After using his remaining money to purchase advanced ghost-detecting equipment from a contact he knew back in New York (Later to be named Ray Stantz), he managed to find the ghost of an Indian War US Soldier with his new pal, Cassie Jones. Soon after they begin The North Dakota Ghostbusting Society (Later named The ND Ghostbusters)

History Edit

"Nothing in this library except a bunch of old books, a testament or two and...oh look, an anicent mandala."

-Dr. Anthony Starkhaven

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