The Denver Ghostbusters are the heroes of the fan-made films and a web comic.

The Series of Films and a Web ComicEdit


The Denver Ghostbusters set up by Ed Spengler (nephew to Egon)


  • Ed Spengler, nephew of Egon Spengler. Like his uncle, Ed is the team's resident scientist. One of his inventions is the Neutrino Pack, a vastly more powerful version of the Proton Pack, but also unstable and liable to explode.
  • Eugene O'Fitzpatrick. Eugene died in between the two movies when an Egyptian tomb collapsed on him.
  • Pavel Karnov, "trained by the best after the fall of the Iron Curtain." Former assistant to the archeologist excavating the tomb, Klaus Constantin, who was the villain of Return of the Ghostbusters.

Ghosts and Villains:



As seen in the Firehouse in Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions)

External LinksEdit

Braxtanfilms web site which made both Freddy vs Ghostbusters and Return of the Ghostbusters

Web comic bridging the gap between the two movies

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