Col. MacFellows

-Col. MacFellows

Colonel Dwight Peabody MacFellows was the first ghost that the ND Ghostbusters ever met. Back in the Indian War, he was a famed and extremist soldier, hating the Indians for being so hard-headed. During the Battle of Medicine Hole, he was shot to death by the Sioux Tribe. His body laid there for three days before being found. He was never officially buried, but was taken to the Morgue in the town of BIsmarck. He now haunts the former Morgue and current Hospital, thinking that he is still in the heat of battle. The ND Ghostbusters tried to catch him, he pulled out his ectoplasmic cutlass and swung it them thinking they were Indians who killed him. He escaped and would not be captured till the end of the story, The ND Ghostbusters: The Great Depression

Tobin's Spirit GuideEdit

Col. MacFellows Alive
"Careful Anthony, I can't seem to tell what kinda spectre we may be dealing with here."

"Unpredictable AND dead, what a combination"

-Anthony Starkhaven and Cassie Jones

Col. MacFellows is a Class V Spectre, able to cause such ruckus in the Hospital of Bismarck's Basement where all the records are held. As described by Anthony Starkhaven, he seems to be able to bring actual tooks of war into reality such as a cannonball from the war and live rounds of a musket. He seems to be a rather angry at death and isn't willing to be captured.