Chrysm GeneratorEdit

Chrysm Generator is powerful source of power. Using Ecto-Converter to convert raw psychokinetic energy emitted by highly refined Chrysm Crystals to in more useable form of power; electricity. The Chrysm Generator provides power of the Containment Unit. The motivation for the Ghostbusters to created the Chrysm Generator as main power form the Containment Unit was after several blackouts which nearly resulted into containment brace and some getting ridiculous high electrical bills.

Chrysm CrystalsEdit

Chrysm is the crystallized form of ectoplasm. A Metaphysical substance made from solidified ectoplasm capable of storing high concentrations of psychokinetic energy, or ghost energy. In its raw, unrefined form, it’s very unstable and can consequently be influenced by other natural elements. Refined Chrysm Crystals are far more stable and emitted more psychokinetic energy than impure Chrysm Crystals